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October 29, 2017

104 – Jesus Found Himself

Jesus took specific actions to find out who He was from Scripture.  You can allow the Holy Spirit to teach you who you are by finding yourself in the Bible.

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October 22, 2017

103 – How to Find Yourself

Many people have a personal crisis of identity, which usually crescendos during the teen years, when in addition to being in the most uncertain time in their life, peer pressure is the strongest.  Learn how to discover the identity God has already prepared for you.  

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October 15, 2017

102 – Natural Disasters

Natural disasters seem to be on the rise.  Do you find yourself asking the question, “Do these disasters come from God”?  Listen to Pastor Steen teach on what the Bible tells us about natural disasters.

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October 8, 2017

101 – The Compassion of God

Insight into God’s compassion gives us clear insight into God’s willingness to heal human beings of every sickness.  The Lord is FULL of compassion. Sentiments about God’s graciousness and compassion are expressed over and over again throughout scripture.  These are the most conspicuous statements about our Father.

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September 24, 2017

100 – Unity

Americans have disagreed a lot the last few years and have done so in an unhealthy way. Many have taken to social media to express their likes and dislikes. But contrary to popular opinion, vocalizing our differences and airing everyone’s flaws in public is not the path to freedom. Here’s why: The enemy has one major strategy to keep the Church from being world-changers and his strategy is division. If he can divide, then he can conquer us.

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September 10, 2017

98 – Moving Toward Ethnic Harmony

The Day of Pentecost is the point in time when God begins to reverse what happened at the tower of Babel and begins to end ethnic separatism.  One of the purposes He poured out the Holy Spirit was to neutralize the division of the peoples of the world.  Add to that the recorded history of what took place during the Azusa Street Revival of the early 1900’s when people of many ethnicities worshipped together and sought God together.  Most of the leaders […]

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September 3, 2017

97 – Moving Beyond Ethnic Disharmony

Moving beyond ethnic disharmony requires that we move beyond legal integration into forgiveness; and beyond simple tolerance into Christ-likeness; and beyond political correctness into Kingdom correctness.  When our thinking and perspective regarding ethnicity is fully grounded on God’s Word, we are free to be truly comfortable with people of other ethnicities and can relate to them as people of God’s kingdom should – fostering relationships from the heart.

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August 27, 2017

96 The Roots of Ethnic Disharmony

There was a lot of fallout due to man’s rebellion in the garden of Eden, including separatism.  It began with Earth’s first couple.  They continued to be married but their marriage had changed – it now included finger-pointing and positioning one above the other.  And at the tower of Babel, with the confusion of their language, and groups separating one from the other, separatism intensified among Earth’s inhabitants.  These events are the roots of ethnic disharmony.

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Arland Steen
January 31, 2016

18 – Elements of Personhood

God is a person and we are persons. We are like Him in that we possess the elements, which together make up what we call personality. But what are they? What exactly are the elements of personhood that constitute the image of God? Since there is no text in scripture that reads, “Thus says the Lord, The elements of personhood are . . .” then we must consider how God presents Himself in scripture and to look not only for […]

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Arland Steen
January 24, 2016

17 – Images of God

Most of us at some point have asked ourselves, “Who am I?” When we start asking questions about our essential nature, we enter a realm of discourse where intuition, rational thought, and empirical observation quickly prove inadequate. Unless someone who knows all the answers chooses to pass on this knowledge, we will float about in shifting directions with neither sail nor anchor. The good news is that God Himself has given us that revelation.

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