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  • January 2021
  • 2Sat
    10:30 am
    How Faith Comes #1

    Everything in our relationship with God depends upon something called faith....

  • 9Sat
    10:30 am
    How Faith Comes #2

    There is but one source for faith, and that is the Word…...

  • 16Sat
    10:30 am
    Now Faith Is #1

    Don't confuse faith with hope; faith is always present tense while hope…...

  • 24Sun
    10:30 am
    Now Faith Is #2

    Hope has a role to play in walking by faith. It causes…...

  • 31Sun
    10:30 am
    What It Means To Believe God With The Heart

    To believe God with your heart means to believe God with your…...

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