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Welcome to Living Well Church

We are a Christ-centered Bible church where all things can become new.

Living Well Church exists to help people become what God created us to be.  Accomplishing this begins with learning to have a vibrant, interactive relationship with Jesus Christ.  Everything we are about and everything we do is for the purpose of helping people grow in their understanding of God, and their purpose in life.  Where you are on life’s path is not a hindrance, because with God all things can become new!  God is for you, not against you; and so is Living Well Church!  We are a community of people where you can grow, believe and belong.



Church Activities

  • June 2019
  • 2Sun
    10:30 am
    183 – Look, Touch, Read

    This message gives three ways to access the power of God for…...

  • 9Sun
    10:30 am
    184 – Balance The Scales

    Most people when they face a crisis will turn to God in…...

  • 16Sun
    10:30 am
    185 – Walking Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death

    Jim & Linda Johnson will share how they walked through the valley…...

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