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We are a Christ-centered Bible church where all things can become new.

Living Well Church exists to help people become what God created us to be.  Accomplishing this begins with learning to have a vibrant, interactive relationship with Jesus Christ.  Everything we are about and everything we do is for the purpose of helping people grow in their understanding of God, and their purpose in life.  Where you are on life’s path is not a hindrance, because with God all things can become new!  God is for you, not against you; and so is Living Well Church!  We are a community of people where you can grow, believe and belong.



158 – The Prayer Of Thanksgiving

November 18, 2018 10:30 am

The words “sports” and “prayer” are similar in that each is a general classification. In regards to sports, it would include anything from baseball to golf or bowling to tennis. Each sport has its own rules, which governs its play. In regards to prayer it would include any of the nine kinds of prayer. And, each prayer has its own rules, which governs its effectiveness. You will become very confused if you misapply the rules of one kind of prayer with another kind just as you would if you misapplied the rules of one sport for another.

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  • November 2018
  • 4Sun
    10:30 am
    156 – Baptism With The Holy Spirit #1

    What makes a believer continue living like a believer is the fact…...

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    10:30 am
    157 – Baptism With The Holy Spirit #2

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  • 18Sun
    10:30 am
    158 – The Prayer Of Thanksgiving

    The words “sports” and “prayer” are similar in that each is a…...

  • 18Sun
    1:00 pm
    Thanksgiving Lunch

    Thanksgiving Lunch Mimi's Cafe 400 North Moorpark Road Thousand Oaks CA 91360...

  • 25Sun
    10:30 am
    159 – Greater Or Lesser

    Spiritual things are superior to physical things. God, a spirit, created all physical…...

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